Rehabilitation and NDIS Services

Post-surgery, sports injury and neurological rehabilitation are all large and important parts of our work. Whether you’re recovering from total knee replacement surgery or a shoulder reconstruction, sprained ankle or a torn hamstring, or perhaps a more serious neurological event such as brain injury, we aim to have you rehabilitated as quickly as possible.


We are an NDIS registered company and can assist you to reach your plan goals.

As part of your rehabilitation treatment, we may include some or all of the following: 

- Soft tissue massage

- Joint mobilisations

- Acupuncture and dry needling

- Suitable electrotherapeutic interventions

- Taping for facilitation, support or injury-prevention


We will implement and prescribe a full range of appropriate exercises, ranging from activation, strengthening and stretching, to balance and proprioception training, and finally to activity or sport-specific drills to ensure that you are fit and ready to return to full performance!

We work with our clients to instigate management and rehabilitation programs to prevent further damage or future injury recurrence. We want to ensure you do not sustain any other injuries that may develop as a consequence of your initial problem.


Funding Options


We offer on-the-spot HiCaps rebates for your convenience.


We are registered with the NDIS Commission.


Working with a Medicare plan? Let us know how we can help.


We are registered to work with the Department of Venteran Affairs