Physiotherapy Exercise Rehabilitation Programs

Imagine all the benefits of regular Pilates, but with the bonus of having an individualised program devised by a Physiotherapist who has undergone additional training (Level 1- 4 DMA Clinical Pilates). 

We perform a full and detailed physiotherapy assessment, taking into consideration the knowledge that everyone is unique and has a preference for different movements. We use this information, as well as the assessment results, to provide a unique program for you, utilising a Pilates reformer, half trapezius, balance equipment and floor-based exercises as appropriate. 


The depth of clinical knowledge and the benefit of individualisation that is employed by your Physiotherapist means that we can maximise your recovery and effectively reduce your risk of re-injury. We can offer 1:1 or group Physiotherapy Exercise sessions – in both cases, we will provide an individualised program to suit your needs. 


Funding Options


We offer on-the-spot HiCaps rebates for your convenience.


We are registered with the NDIS Commission.


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