Kristi-Lee Muir

Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapist

Kristi-Lee is the resident Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapist for North Wollongong Physiotherapy. She has worked at Wollongong Hospital since 2003, and has filled the position of Senior Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapist since 2006. She has undertaken post-graduate training and specialised education in the management of both heart and lung-related diseases, including pre- and post-surgical therapy.


She specialises in treatment for COPD conditions (such as chronic bronchitis, asthma and emphysema), as well as other pulmonary diseases (such as bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, and interstitial lung disease). She is highly skilled in both Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation, and will develop appropriate rehabilitation programs that will potentially include hands-on techniques, specific patient education (regarding individual condition, self-management strategies, home-based programs, airway clearance programs, etc.), exercise therapy, plus effective administration and use of medications/devices (e.g. inhalers).


Kristi-Lee will be available for consultations either during weekdays or Saturday mornings by appointment only.